What Does it Mean to have Faith?

What does it mean to put your faith in Jesus? This question caused tension in my life as I was growing up. You see, I had many experiences with God through Bible studies and church groups that left me feeling very spiritual, but then months, even just weeks later, I was back to my old […]

Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost

God’s pursuit of sinful humanity is the storyline of the entire Bible. It begins in Genesis 3:8-9 as we see God pursuing Adam and Eve after they disobey his command to not eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the […]

Accessing the Grace of God

If you were to ask me what was under the hood of my car, my response would be, “the engine.” We could lift the hood of my car and factually agree that there is indeed an engine. But if you were to ask follow-up questions such as, “how does an engine work?” I would have […]

Fear Not

There is a phrase in the Bible that is used 365 times. It is a phrase that, coincidentally, needs to be heard all 365 days in a year by every person that follows Jesus. The phrase is “fear not.” These words were spoken by Jesus more than any other phrase. Why did he use these […]

Tips for New Disciples when Sharing the Gospel

My sons are five, three, and one, and they love to help me work on projects, especially when those projects involve tools. A few days ago, we were putting together a crib, so I pulled out my toolbox, and we began to read the instructions. Things were moving at a shockingly slow pace, as you […]

From Check-Up to HEART Check

A common mistake I see many college ministers make is putting their discipleship goals ahead of their disciple’s hearts. Now don’t get me wrong. Disciples are not made without intentional, well-prepared content, but often we place the cart in front of the horse. If we are not careful, the content can become king, and the […]

Live Together or Die Alone

It is always shocking to me when I hear someone say, “faith is personal.” When I hear this, my initial thought is, “have you ever read the Bible?” The idea of living out your faith alone or it being something that is meant to be kept to yourself is not a Biblical principle; it is […]